Public Change Log

Our Projects

PhreakNet has been responsible for finding bugs, suggesting feature improvements, and adding features to some open source projects, mostly to Asterisk. (In fact, we were one of the top contributors to Asterisk in 2021.) Below is a list of some of these bug fixes and features.


Feature development is generally driven by user and organizational needs. We are open to developing features or fixing bugs for you, preferably in exchange for a small feature/bug bounty donation to keep our work going, since this work is largely volunteer-driven. To request a patch, submit a new ticket on InterLinked Issues (use "Asterisk" as the category). If you are offering a bounty, include that in the body of the issue. All patches and modules are submitted to Sangoma for consideration for inclusion in the Asterisk source so that everyone can benefit from our work. We will not develop or work on any non-public code. All patches are eventually included in PhreakScript for installing PhreakNet-Asterisk.

PhreakNet Contributions to Asterisk

This table includes only changes which have been contributed to Asterisk and have been incorporated or are under consideration. It does not include PhreakNet-specific changes (mostly new modules) that have not been contributed to the project, but are included with PhreakScript.

12937015875+12-0Improvementchan_sipRecognize application/hook-flash as a hook flash eventMarch 2021May 202118.5
22937215888+1-0Bug Fixfile.cStop throwing errors on hook flash eventsMarch 2021May 202118.5
32938015889+44-0New FeatureAMIAdded hook flash support, expose flash events via AMIMarch 2021May 202118.5
42934915887+26-4New Featureapp_voicemailAdded custom tone option (custom or no beep tone)April 2021May 202118.5
52943115898+177-0New Featurefunc_mathAdded MIN, MAX, and ABS functionsMay 2021May 202118.5
62943915892+51-1Improvementfunc_volumeAdded read capabilities to VOLUME functionMay 2021May 202118.5
72944015899+24-7New Featureapp_confbridgeAdded answer supervision suppression optionMay 2021June 202118.5
82944015981+114-0Test Suiteapp_confbridgeAdded answer supervision suppression optionMay 2021June 202118.5
92945915983+7-1Bug Fixsip_to_pjsip.pyAdded missing cases to conversion scriptMay 2021June 202118.5
102946015984+11-4Improvementres_pjsip_dtmf_infoAdded application/hook-flash recognitionMay 2021June 202118.5
112944615947+87-0New Featureapp_confbridgeAdded ConfKick applicationMay 2021June 202118.5
122946015982+134-0Test Suiteapp_confbridgeAdded ConfKick applicationMay 2021June 202118.5
132945015951+83-8New Featureapp_originateAdded options to set Caller ID and channel variablesMay 2021June 202118.5
142945016061+95-0Test Suiteapp_originateAdded options to set Caller ID and channel variablesMay 2021June 202118.5
152947516063+1-1Bug Fixpbx_builtinsRemoved warning on caller hangup in SayNumberJune 2021June 202118.5
162944215941+68-17New Featureapp_dialAdded caller in addition to called announcementMay 2021June 202118.6
172944215986+85-0Test Suiteapp_dialAdded caller in addition to called announcementMay 2021June 202118.6
182944415946+239-0New Featureapp_waitforcondAdded WaitForCondition applicationMay 2021July 202118.6
192945415952+114-0New Featureapp_reloadAdded Reload applicationMay 2021July 202118.6
202947716070+292-0New Featureapp_dtmfstoreAdded StoreDTMF applicationJune 2021August 202118.6
212952816221+17-3Improvementapp_queueAdded support for multiple agent announcementsJuly 2021August 202118.6
222949416078+1-1Bug Fixcdpr_adaptive_odbcPrevent emitting warnings when CDR filtering is usedJune 2021August 202118.6
232947816071+296-0New Featurefunc_framedropAdded FRAME_DROP functionJune 2021August 202118.7
242960116319+2-0Deprecationchan_alsa, chan_sipAdded replacement modules to moduleinfoAugust 2021August 202118.7
252954316232+30-17New Featureapp_originateAdded codec customization capabilitiesAugust 2021August 202118.7
262957516238+29-5Bug Fixapp_milliwattCorrected timing by adding silent interval optionAugust 2021August 202118.7
272954216231+240-0New Featurefunc_scrambleAdded SCRAMBLE functionAugust 2021August 202118.7
282954116230+146-30New Featureapp_morsecodeAdded American Morse codeAugust 2021August 202118.7
292949516079+15-3Improvementfunc_mathReturn integer instead of float if possibleJune 2021August 202118.7
302870116343+14-3Bug Fixapp_queueDon't reset stats on reload [bounty]August 2021August 202118.7
312961216351+3-4Improvementbridge_basicDon't throw warning if user cancels atxferAugust 2021August 202118.7
321845416352+71-5Improvementapp_readAllow reading the digit #August 2021August 202118.7
332960516342+22-0Improvementchan_iax2Added ANI2/OLI information elementAugust 2021September 202118.7
342954616234+719-2New Featureres_tonedetect, dspAdded WaitForTone and TONE_DETECTAugust 2021September 202118.7
352953116226+1056-95New Feature, Unit Testsfunc_sayfilesRefactored say.c, added SAYFILES, SayOrdinal, SayMoneyJuly 2021September 202118.7
362962816407+92-0New Featurefunc_envAdd DIRNAME and BASENAME functionsSeptember 2021September 202118.7
372962716406+152-1New Feature, Unit Testsfunc_stringsAdd STRBETWEEN functionSeptember 2021September 202118.7
382962616405+2-2Improvementapp_stackMade branch fail error more detailedSeptember 2021September 202118.7
392949616080+367-0New Featureapp_mfAdded SendMF applicationJune 2021September 202118.7
402947216041+62-0Improvementres_pjsip_caller_idAdded ANI2/OLI parsingJune 2021September 202118.7
412952916222+183-34New FeatureloggerAdded custom logging capabilitiesJuly 2021September 202118.8
422957816411+47-2Bug Fixapp_queueFixed queue state for included hintsSeptember 2021September 202118.8
432965616486+30-0New Featurefunc_channelAdd CHANNEL_EXISTS functionSeptember 2021September 202118.8
442966116490+15-3Improvementfunc_vmcountAdd support for multiple mailboxesSeptember 2021September 202118.8
452967316562+2-2Bug Fixapp_readFix null pointer crash regressionSeptember 2021September 202118.7.1
462021915948+16-4Improvement + Bug Fixchan_iax2Added encryption for RSA authentication (reported 2012)May 2021October 202118.8
472021916568+481-0Test Suitechan_iax2Added encryption for RSA authentication (reported 2012)October 2021October 202118.8
482970716635+29-6Improvementchan_iax2Allow both secret and outkey at dial timeOctober 2021November 202118.9
492970216630+1-1Bug Fixsig_analogFix truncated buffer copyOctober 2021November 202118.9
502970716664+247-0Test Suitechan_iax2Allow both secret and outkey at dial timeOctober 2021November 202118.9
512939116631+6-0Bug Fixapp_voicemailFix phantom message on rerecordOctober 2021November 202118.9
522970316632+22-27Bug Fixres_pjsip_caller_idFix OLI/ANI2 parsingOctober 2021November 202118.9
532970516633+3-3Bug Fixapp_readCustom terminator functionality regressionOctober 2021November 202118.9
542974417469+1-4Bug Fixapp_morsecodeFix deadlockNovember 2021November 202118.9
552972016667+364-7New Featureres_tonedetectAdd ToneScan applicationNovember 2021November 202118.9
562971516665+193-300Improvementapp_voicemail, app_minivmRefactor email generation functionsNovember 2021November 202118.9
572977717586+74-51ImprovementdocumentationStandardize examples in XML documentationNovember 2021December 202118.9
582949616499+590-146New Featureapp_mfAdd ReceiveMF applicationSeptember 2021December 202118.7
592975917510+88-3New Featureapp_sendtextAdd ReceiveText applicationNovember 2021December 202118.10
602980017647+3-3Bug Fixstrings.hFix typos in example commentsDecember 2021December 202118.10
612974517470+56-1ImprovementpbxNew variable substitution APINovember 2021December 202118.10
622975817509+142-129ImprovementconfigsUpdated sample dialplan and iax.confNovember 2021December 202118.10
632970616634+233-0New Featurefunc_jsonAdd JSON_DECODE functionOctober 2021December 202118.10
642977217583+6-2Bug Fixchan_sipAccessing uninitialized RURI causes crashNovember 2021December 202118.10
652976617518+2-1Bug Fixpbx_variablesIncrease parsing capabilities of MSetNovember 2021December 202118.10
662949617593+104-0Test Suiteapp_mfAdd tests for SendMF, ReceiveMF, Dial D optionDecember 2021December 202118.7
672980117648+3-0Improvementapp.cThrow warnings for nonexistent app optionsDecember 2021December 202118.10
682980317654+1-1Bug Fixpbx_variablesInitialize uninitialized variableDecember 2021December 202118.10
692970517641+119-0Test Suiteapp_readAdd tests for Read applicationDecember 2021December 202118.9
702980217652+675-6New Featureapp_sfAdd SendSF and ReceiveSF applicationsDecember 2021January 202218.10
712442717650+185-84ImprovementdocumentationAdd missing AMI documentationDecember 2021January 202218.10
722982917760+5-0Improvementapp_mp3Throw warning if attempting to play nonexistent streamJanuary 2022January 202218.10
732980717700+40-0ImprovementcliAdd module refresh commandDecember 2021January 202218.10
742983017780+53-0New FeatureamiAdd AMI event for WinkJanuary 2022January 202218.10
752981517711+12-9ImprovementdspReplace magic number in dsp.c with DTMF_MATRIX_SIZEDecember 2021January 202218.10
762975917592+95-0Test Suiteapp_sendtextAdd tests for ReceiveTextDecember 2021January 202218.10
772980217709+103-0Test Suiteapp_sfAdd SendSF and ReceiveSF applicationsDecember 2021January 202218.10
782969517651+4-4Bug Fixsay.confFix noon being treated as midnightDecember 2021January 202218.10
792984717790+2-0Bug Fixpbx_variablesAdd missing ASTSBINDIR variableJanuary 2022January 202218.10
802984817791+84-0ImprovementdocumentationDocument built-in system/channel varsJanuary 2022January 202218.10
812985517860+1-1Bug Fixframe.hFix typoJanuary 2022January 202218.10
822985617861+1-1Bug Fixres_rtp_asteriskFix typo in flag test/setJanuary 2022January 202218.10
832985417799+2-2Bug Fixfunc_frame_dropFix typo referencing wrong bufferJanuary 2022January 202218.10
842985717862+4-4Bug Fixres_tonedetectFix logic issues and typosJanuary 2022January 202218.10
852980817701+34-0New FeaturecdrAllow disabling CDR by defaultDecember 2021January 202218.10
862985317793+41-4New FeatureamiAllow events to be globally disabledJanuary 2022February 202218.11
872987717941+30-5New Featureapp_mfAdd max digits option to ReceiveMFJanuary 2022February 202218.11
882990018002+5-1Improvementapp_mp3Document and warn about https incompatibilityFebruary 2022February 202218.11
892989818000+8-8ImprovementdocumentationAdd missing default attributesFebruary 2022February 202218.11
902986617868+38-0ImprovementcliAdd core dump info to core show settingsJanuary 2022February 202218.11
912980917708+38-34Improvementres_stir_shakenRefactor utility functionsDecember 2021February 202218.11
922992518060+7-1Improvementfunc_dbWarn on writing malformed DB keysFebruary 2022February 202218.11
932992018016+16-7Improvementapp_voicemailWarn if attempting to access nonexistent mailboxFebruary 2022February 202218.11
942986117866+6-13ImprovementasteriskAdd global macro to eliminate duplicated user agentsJanuary 2022February 202218.11
952989617958+14-5ImprovementdocumentationAdd since tagFebruary 2022February 202218.11
962992318018+0-10Bug Fixconfigs, LICENSERemove pbx.digium.comFebruary 2022February 202218.11
972989717959+8-8Improvementchannel.cClean up core debug 1February 2022February 202218.11
982984017784+34-0New Featurefunc_channelAdd lastcontext and lastextenJanuary 2022February 202218.11
992985318074+1-1Bug FixamiImprove substring parsing for disabled eventsFebruary 2022March 202218.12
1002889118077+3-7Bug Fixres_agiFix xmldocs bug with set musicFebruary 2022March 202218.12
1012996718198+7-0Improvementpbx_builtinsAdd missing documentationMarch 2022March 202218.12
1022571618185+29-8Improvementapp_dialDocument DIALSTATUS return valuesMarch 2022March 202218.12
1032904818196+2-2Bug Fixchan_iax2Fix perceived showing host addressMarch 2022March 202218.12
1042989517957+2-2Bug Fixchan_iax2Fix column alignment in netstats commandFebruary 2022March 202218.12
1052671918188+8-2Bug Fixpbx.cWarn if too many contexts are includedMarch 2022March 202218.12
1062993518076+16-72ImprovementbuildRemove obsolete build referencesFebruary 2022March 202218.12
1072995418187+1-1Improvementapp_meetmeWarn if MeetMe conference not foundMarch 2022April 202218.12
1082995118183+31-12Improvementapp_mf, app_sfReturn -1 on hangupMarch 2022April 202218.12
1092987617940+32-12New Featureapp_queueAdd music on hold class optionJanuary 2022April 202218.12
1103000818364+0-63ImprovementsamplesRemove obsolete sample configsApril 2022April 202218.12
1112994018078+145-0ImprovementdocumentationAdd versioning infoFebruary 2022April 202218.12
1122982017714+42-0New FeaturecliAdd CLI command to eval dialplan functionDecember 2021April 202218.12
1132994118079+28-0New Featurechan_pjsipAdd flash TX capabilitiesFebruary 2022April 202218.12
1142994318122+6-0Bug Fixfile.cPrevent negative seekingFebruary 2022April 202218.12
1152948616075+214-25New Featurefunc_evalextenAdded EVAL_EXTEN functionJune 2021April 202218.12
1162996818240+78-0New Featurefunc_dbAdd DB_KEYCOUNT functionMarch 2022April 202218.12
1172224618184+54-3Bug Fixasterisk.cWarn if remote incompatible options usedMarch 2022April 202218.12
1182999418309+1-1Bug Fixchan_dahdiFix insufficient round robin array sizeMarch 2022April 202218.12
1193000218320+12-4Bug Fixapp_meetmeDon't erroneously set global variablesMarch 2022April 202218.12
1202972818003+59-11Bug FixmenuselectDon't erroneously recompile disabled-by-default modulesFebruary 2022April 202218.12
1212948617656+109-0Test Suitefunc_evalextenAdded EVAL_EXTEN functionDecember 2021April 202218.12
1222999018301+6-2Bug Fixchan_dahdiFix cadences being appended on dahdi restartMarch 2022May 202218.12
1233000718363+32-1Bug Fixchan_iax2Prevent crash on RSA calls without outkeysApril 2022May 202218.12
1242482718302+48-0Improvementchan_dahdiAdd missing DAHDI Dial syntax documentationMarch 2022May 202218.12
1252851818308+1-0Bug Fixchan_dahdiDon't send FSK when answering call on holdMarch 2022May 202218.12
1262999318415+11-2Bug Fixchan_dahdiFix broken operator mode clearingApril 2022May 202218.13
1273003618520+139-0New Featureapp_confbridgeAdd CONFBRIDGE_CHANNELS functionApril 2022May 202218.13
1282984517789+7-3Improvementres_pjsip_outbound_registrationShow time until expiryJanuary 2022April 202218.13
1293003918522+5-0Bug FixloaderPrevent tab completion from causing deadlockMay 2022June 202218.13
1303008618579+2-0Improvementres_parkingWarn if invalid parking spot requestedMay 2022June 202218.13
1312998118250+6-0Bug Fixres_calendarPrevent assertion on negative end timesMarch 2022June 202218.13
1323006418564+20-28Bug Fixchan_iax2Prevent deadlock due to duplicate autoservicingMay 2022June 202218.13
1333008718600+29-5New Featureres_parkingAdd music on hold override optionMay 2022June 202218.13
1342996518195+17-1New Featureres_pjsip_outbound_registrationAllow configurable max registration delayMarch 2022June 202218.13
1353009018602+353-243ImprovementxmldocsImprove examplesJune 2022June 202218.13
1363006318563+34-17New Featureapp_voicemailAdd option to prevent message deletionMay 2022June 202218.13
1373004318538+2-4Bug Fixsig_analogFix broken three-way conferencing logicMay 2022June 202218.13
1383009718616+5-3Bug Fixasterisk.cFix incompatibility warningsJune 2022June 202218.13
1393006118562+49-49New FeaturepbxAdd pbx exec helper functionMay 2022June 202218.14
1403007518575+4-2Bug FixsayAbort play loop on hangupMay 2022June 202218.14
1413011518686+4-0Bug Fixapp_dialPropagate outbound hook flashesJune 2022June 202218.14
1422998918521+5-2Bug Fixapp_dialFix DIALSTATUS regressionApril 2022June 202218.14
1432982218004+16-0Bug FixcliFix infinite CLI block on terminating backslashFebruary 2022June 202218.14
1443010618687+1-0Bug Fixres_calendar_icalendarSend user agent (Office 365 fix)June 2022June 202218.14
1453000118361+16-2Bug FixdbWarn users if deleted DB entry didn't existApril 2022June 202218.14
14630125+0-0ImprovementwikiAdd missing AMI librariesJuly 2022
1473008318695+4-0Bug Fixchan_iax2Fix building without OpenSSLJuly 2022July 202218.14
1483006218561+107-0New Featureres_cliexecAdd CLI command to execute a dialplan appMay 2022July 202218.14
1493008918601+27-27ImprovementgeneralFix various typosMay 2022July 202218.14
1502990718685+3-1Bug Fixapp_confbridgeAlways set min video update interval, avoid infinite updatesJune 2022July 202218.14
1513000018362+125-0New Featurechan_dahdiAdd POLARITY functionApril 2022July 202218.14
1522999118305+141-17Bug FixcalleridFix buggy and missing Caller ID parametersMarch 2022July 202218.14
1533013618785+75-0New FeaturedbAdd AMI action to retrieve keys at prefixJuly 2022July 202218.14
1543013718821+12-11Bug FixmanagerFix incomplete disabled event filteringJuly 2022July 202218.14
1552996618833+74-0Bug Fixpbx_functionsFix buggy ast_str_strlenJuly 2022July 202218.14
1563015118834+10-0Bug Fixfunc_srvDocument undocumented field parameterJuly 2022August 2022
1573001818835+76-0Bug Fixapp_meetmeDocument undocumented AMI responsesJuly 2022August 2022
1583015318831+12-10ImprovementgeneralImproving log message log levelsJuly 2022August 202218.15
1593002018836+31-0Bug Fixapp_confbridgeDocument undocumented ConfBridge responseJuly 2022August 2022
1603015918881+0-27Bug FixgeneralRemove obsolete SVN coding guidelines linksJuly 2022August 2022
1613016018882+0-2Bug FixsamplesRemove obsolete cdr.conf app_mysql referenceJuly 2022August 202218.15
1622991718884+0-15Bug FixmanagerRemove documentation for nonexistent actionJuly 2022August 202218.15
1632842218887+2-4Bug Fixapp_confbridgeFix memory leak on menu updatesJuly 2022August 2022
1643016418886+10-0Improvementchan_iax2Add missing options documentationJuly 2022August 202218.15
1653016318885+39-39ImprovementgeneralCoding guideline fixesJuly 2022August 202218.15
1663020219049+10-10Test Suiteinstall_prereqRemove sudo dependencySeptember 2022September 2022
1673020719053+1-1Test Suiteruntests.pyExplicitly use python3September 2022September 2022
1682989918001+84-18New FeaturefeaturesAdd transfer initiation optionsFebruary 2022September 202218.15
1693019218988+2-2Bug Fixres_tonedetectFix typos referring to wrong variablesAugust 2022September 202218.15
1702984618523+5-0Bug FixcliPrevent assertion during startup for channel listMay 2022September 2022
1713020519051+1-1Test Suiteinstall_prereqAdd missing pre-reqSeptember 2022September 2022
1723020619052+1-1Test SuiterunInVenvRemove stderr redirectionSeptember 2022September 2022
1733020919055+2-2Improvementpbx_variablesUse const char if possibleSeptember 2022September 202218.15
1743021119056+47-27New Featureapp_confbridgeAdd end_marked_any optionSeptember 2022September 202218.15
1753016118883+23-0New Featurelock.cAdd DeadlockStart AMI eventJuly 2022September 202218.15
1763021019150+1-2Bug Fixfunc_frame_traceRemove bogus assertionSeptember 2022September 202218.15
1773022219205+190-1New Featuresfunc_stringsAdd trim functionsSeptember 2022September 2022
1783022019203+1-0Bug Fixfunc_scrambleFix segfault due to null derefSeptember 2022September 2022
1792943215893+112-0New Featurefunc_exportAdded EXPORT functionMay 2021September 2022
1803021619156+11-2New Featureapp_bridgewaitAdd option to not answerSeptember 2022September 2022
1813022319206+29-4New FeaturesfeaturesAdd no answer option to BridgeSeptember 2022September 2022
1823024319307+1-2Improvementfunc_logicDon't emit warning if both IF branches are emptySeptember 2022September 2022
1833024119305+15-10Improvementres_pjsip_geolocationChange notices to debugs for inactive endpointsSeptember 2022September 2022
1842945515953+36-1Bug Fixtranslate.cFixed codec translation bug preferring gsm to ulawMay 2021Needs Generalization
1852942815985+7-1Bug Fixapp_dialPrevent infinite loop if pre-answer hangup within ~70msJune 2021Investigating Cause
1862948916076+478-0New Featureapp_mailAdded SendMail applicationJune 2021
1872949316077+72-0New Featureapp_stackAdded ReturnIf applicationJune 2021
1882949716121+379-0Improvementapp_ifAdded conditional branch applicationsJune 2021
1892968116569+298-2New Featurechan_sipAdd custom parameters, SIPAddParameter, SIP_PARAMETEROctober 2021
1902970116629+172-0New Featureapp_assertAdd Assert applicationOctober 2021
1912970117659+75-0Test Suiteapp_assertAdded Assert applicationDecember 2021
1922982817719+875-54New Featureres_pbx_validateAdd commands to warn of dialplan problemsJanuary 2022
1932981017786+442-0New Featureapp_signalAdd Signal and WaitForSignal applicationsJanuary 2022
1942984917792+335-4Improvementpbx_variablesAdd variable registration and validationJanuary 2022
1952949717794+153-0Test Suiteapp_ifAdded conditional branch applicationsJanuary 2022
1962981017795+92-0Test Suiteapp_signalAdd Signal and WaitForSignal applicationsJanuary 2022
1972991318012+208-41Improvementfunc_jsonAdd multi-level and array parsingFebruary 2022
1982632918186+84-0New Featurechan_pjsipAdd channel encryption to chan_pjsipMarch 2022
1992999218304+112-4New Featurechan_dahdiAllow disabling pulse or tone dialingMarch 2022
2003001318369+26-4Bug Fixcore_localFix Local dial string parsing with slashesApril 2022
2013006518566+188-0New Featurefunc_queryAdd remote text querying functionMay 2022
2023008118577+19-1Bug Fixapp_confbridgeFix bridge shutdown race conditionMay 2022
2033009118603+95-9New FeaturecdrAllow bridging and dial events to be ignoredJune 2022
2043014618824+105-6New Featureres_pjsip_loggerAdd method-based filtering to loggingJuly 2022
2053015018830+42-1New Featureres_pjsip_sessionAdd custom URI parameter supportJuly 2022
2063017918974+41-3New Featureapp_amdAdd option to play audio during AMDAugust 2022
2073018018975+558-0New Featureapp_broadcastAdd Broadcast applicationAugust 2022
2082999819308+17-7Bug FixslaPrevent deadlock and crash due to autoserviceSeptember 2022
2093024519309+3-1Bug FixdbFix incorrect count for DBGetTreeSeptember 2022
210PRI-18919311+11-11Bug Fixq921Fix compiler errorsSeptember 2022

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Bugs We Have Reported and Sangoma/Digium/others Have Fixed

  1. Fatal Asterisk crashing error where unauthenticated IAX2 calls are attempted and authentication is required — patched February 2021
  2. DTMF events duplicated on progress events (12 year old bug) — patched March 2021
  3. Prevent duplication of flash events in res_rtp_asterisk (AVT/RFC2833 DTMF Flash Events) — patched March 2021
  4. iostream: Infinite TCP timeout writing data — patched April 2022
  5. loader: format warnings in dev mode — patched May 2022
  6. Yate: IAX2 encryption incompatibility issues
  7. hangs forever if Asterisk start fails

Bugs In Which We Have Participated

  1. Audiohooks require constant media flow for whispering — reported 2014, no resolution
  2. FreePBX: Installer fails to determine Asterisk version — fixed in PhreakScript but not upstream

Bugs We Have Reported That Have Not Yet Been Fixed

  1. Somewhat bizarre issues with MixMonitor() - autofallthrough error and inaudible tone with the B() option — reported April 2021
  2. DTMF on progress results in infinite loop if progress followed by hangup received — reported May 2021 — we have written a small patch that prevents a channel from hanging from this specifically, but it's really a workaround to prevent the hanging (effect) and doesn't fix the actual cause. As such, this patch is not being accepted by Sangoma.
  3. Improper same-provider multi-registration parsing in SIP to PJSIP conversion script — June 2021
  4. Deadlocks and long queue lengths with ConfBridge() and Record() — June 2021
  5. app_senddtmf: Does not work without answer supervision
  6. bridge: IAX2 call where side A splits call on answer and side B sends DTMF on answer to called party on DAHDI line can cause bidirectional audio to drop permanently due to AST_CONTROL_SRCCHANGE
  7. codecs: clicking is introduced onto channels
  8. Fixed jitterbuffer doesn't work with IAX2 channels
  9. ConfBridge unable to build translation path
  10. testsuite: timeout can't be overridden to higher values
  11. app_dial: Progress causes hangup cause to disappear
  12. channels: Erroneous autoservice of channel
  13. pjsip: assertions and warnings with WebRTC
  14. res_parking: Dynamic creation of large parking lot deadlocks dialplan
  15. res_pjsip: reload on removed items causes assertion
  16. manager: Read and Write columns are nonsensical
  17. pjsip: assertion in pjproject
  18. Deadlock with core fallback device state
  19. MP3 source certificate issues
  20. asttest compiler issues


Features We Have Suggested Which Someone Else Has Added

  1. SameSite Strict option in phpMyAdmin (released in phpMyAdmin 5.1.0) — patched October 2020, released February 2021
  2. Reintroduction of send HTTP basic auth without challenge option into Grandstream HT8xx from HT7xx (firmware
  3. P-value to prefer XML provisioning over binary format with Grandstream HT8xx