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PhreakNet has been responsible for finding bugs, suggesting feature improvements, and adding features to some open source projects, mostly to Asterisk. Below is a list of some of these bug fixes and features.


Feature development is generally driven by user and organizational needs. You may contact us if you would like us to develop a feature for you or fix a bug, in exchange for a small feature/bug bounty donation to keep our work going. All patches and modules are submitted to Sangoma for consideration for inclusion in the Asterisk source so that everyone can benefit from our work.

PhreakNet Contributions to Asterisk

2937015875+12-0Improvementchan_sipRecognize application/hook-flash as a hook flash eventMarch 2021May 202118.5
2937215888+1-0Bug Fixfile.cStop throwing errors on hook flash eventsMarch 2021May 202118.5
2938015889+44-0New FeatureAMIAdded hook flash support, expose flash events via AMIMarch 2021May 202118.5
2934915887+26-4New Featureapp_voicemailAdded custom tone option (custom or no beep tone)April 2021May 202118.5
2943115898+177-0New Featurefunc_mathAdded MIN, MAX, and ABS functionsMay 2021May 202118.5
2943915892+51-1Improvementfunc_volumeAdded read capabilities to VOLUME functionMay 2021May 202118.5
2944015899+24-7New Featureapp_confbridgeAdded answer supervision suppression optionMay 2021June 202118.5
2944015981+114-0Test Suiteapp_confbridgeAdded answer supervision suppression optionMay 2021June 202118.5
2945915983+7-1Bug Fixsip_to_pjsip.pyAdded missing cases to conversion scriptMay 2021June 202118.5
2946015984+11-4Improvementres_pjsip_dtmf_infoAdded application/hook-flash recognitionMay 2021June 202118.5
2944615947+87-0New Featureapp_confbridgeAdded ConfKick applicationMay 2021June 202118.5
2946015982+134-0Test Suiteapp_confbridgeAdded ConfKick applicationMay 2021June 202118.5
2945015951+83-8New Featureapp_originateAdded options to set Caller ID and channel variablesMay 2021June 202118.5
2945016061+95-0Test Suiteapp_originateAdded options to set Caller ID and channel variablesMay 2021June 202118.5
2947516063+1-1Bug Fixpbx_builtinsRemoved warning on caller hangup in SayNumberJune 2021June 202118.5
2944215941+68-17New Featureapp_dialAdded caller in addition to called announcementMay 2021June 202118.6
2944215986+85-0Test Suiteapp_dialAdded caller in addition to called announcementMay 2021June 202118.6
2944415946+239-0New Featureapp_waitforcondAdded WaitForCondition applicationMay 2021July 202118.6
2945415952+114-0New Featureapp_reloadAdded Reload applicationMay 2021July 202118.6
2947716070+292-0New Featureapp_dtmfstoreAdded StoreDTMF applicationJune 2021August 202118.6
2952816221+17-3Improvementapp_queueAdded support for multiple agent announcementsJuly 2021August 202118.6
2949416078+1-1Bug Fixcdpr_adaptive_odbcPrevent emitting warnings when CDR filtering is usedJune 2021August 202118.6
2947816071+296-0New Featurefunc_framedropAdded FRAME_DROP functionJune 2021August 202118.7
2960116319+2-0Deprecationchan_alsa, chan_sipAdded replacement modules to moduleinfoAugust 2021August 202118.7
2954316232+30-17New Featureapp_originateAdded codec customization capabilitiesAugust 2021August 202118.7
2957516238+29-5Bug Fixapp_milliwattCorrected timing by adding silent interval optionAugust 2021August 202118.7
2954216231+240-0New Featurefunc_scrambleAdded SCRAMBLE functionAugust 2021August 202118.7
2954116230+146-30New Featureapp_morsecodeAdded American Morse codeAugust 2021August 202118.7
2949516079+15-3Improvementfunc_mathReturn integer instead of float if possibleJune 2021August 202118.7
2870116343+14-3Bug Fixapp_queueDon't reset stats on reload [bounty]August 2021August 202118.7
2961216351+3-4Improvementbridge_basicDon't throw warning if user cancels atxferAugust 2021August 202118.7
1845416352+71-5Improvementapp_readAllow reading the digit #August 2021August 202118.7
2960516342+22-0Improvementchan_iax2Added ANI2/OLI information elementAugust 2021September 202118.7
2954616234+719-2New Featureres_tonedetect, dspAdded WaitForTone and TONE_DETECTAugust 2021September 202118.7
2953116226+1056-95New Feature, Unit Testsfunc_sayfilesRefactored say.c, added SAYFILES, SayOrdinal, SayMoneyJuly 2021September 202118.7
2962816407+92-0New Featurefunc_envAdd DIRNAME and BASENAME functionsSeptember 2021September 202118.7
2962716406+152-1New Feature, Unit Testsfunc_stringsAdd STRBETWEEN functionSeptember 2021September 202118.7
2962616405+2-2Improvementapp_stackMade branch fail error more detailedSeptember 2021September 202118.7
2949616080+367-0New Featureapp_mfAdded SendMF applicationJune 2021September 202118.7
2947216041+62-0Improvementres_pjsip_caller_idAdded ANI2/OLI parsingJune 2021September 202118.7
2943215893+150-0New Featurefunc_ochannelAdded OTHER_CHANNEL functionMay 2021Needs Restrictions
2021915948+16-4Improvement + Bug Fixchan_iax2Added encryption for RSA authentication (reported 2012)May 2021
2945515953+36-1Bug Fixtranslate.cFixed codec translation bug preferring gsm to ulawMay 2021Needs Generalization
2942815985+7-1Bug Fixapp_dialPrevent infinite loop if pre-answer hangup within ~70msJune 2021Investigating Cause
2948616075+203-0New Featurefunc_evalextenAdded EVAL_EXTEN functionJune 2021
2948916076+478-0New Featureapp_mailAdded SendMail applicationJune 2021
2949316077+72-0New Featureapp_stackAdded ReturnIf applicationJune 2021
2949716121+313-0Improvementapp_ifAdded If, EndIf and ExitIf applicationsJune 2021
2952916222+161-17New FeatureloggerAdded custom logging capabilitiesJuly 2021
2957816411+47-1Bug Fixapp_queueFixed queue state for included hintsSeptember 2021
2965616486+30-0New Featurefunc_channelAdd CHANNEL_EXISTS functionSeptember 2021
2966116490+15-3Improvementfunc_vmcountAdd support for multiple mailboxesSeptember 2021

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