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US Payphones:

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See also: THIRD-PARTY map of Philadelphia payphones

Spain Payphones:

For those who would prefer to download an offline copy of the map, we maintain a parallel version in Microsoft Streets & Trips 2006 which includes all working payphones (no known non-working phones included, to reduce clutter). No courtesy phones are included. It contains all the same information about working payphones, although no pictures are included. You can download the offline copy here. You need Streets & Trips, which comes with the Works Suite 2006 (free download). (Note: we do not synchronize this to the website as often so the Google Map will be more up-to-date — if you want us to immediately update the offline map on this site, please contact us and we will do so.)

Located in New York? Check out Eric Kunsman's "Felicific Calculus" map, which documents many payphone locations in the Rochester area (NY).

In addition, here are some payphone locations/time that are not on either the online or offline map. At this time, we don't have precise enough information about these payphones to list them in the maps, so they'll be housed here in the meantime:

2799 N 15th St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1799 S 4th St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1839 S 19th St
Philadelphia, PA 19145

1255 E Passyunk Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19147

601 N 56th St
Philadelphia, PA 19131

2100 E Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Other potential Philadelphia phone locations:
45th St between Baltimore and Springfield
Convention Center
Central Library (19th/20th Vine) - ground floor
Morris Park - 66th St. and US 1
Newtel: 10th and Wharton - Capitolo Playground, across from Pat's King of Steaks *probably 271-1022 above

NewTel: 401 Moore St (4th and Moore)
NewTel: outside of the bodega on 23rd and Christian

South Chicago Loop phone locations:
Police station 18th and State 2 phones in Lobby ans 4 in Lock up
Library at 400 State 2 at west entrance
Currency Exchange at 18 W Jackson 1 in lobby
Church 108 w Madison 1 in basement
69 w Washington one on lower level
117 n Clark 2 in County Building
Daley center 2 in Jury waiting room floor 17
1 in lower level Illinois state building

These are in Grand Rapids, MN (about 22 miles west of Wawina)
(218) 326-9534
(218) 326-9547
(218) 326-9562


Some of these listings in our map were obtained courtesy of Payphone Project. Thank you to all those who contribute to this project!


This site presents a non-exhaustive map of recently confirmed working payphone locations. The problem with sites like and is not only that they don't provide a visual cue as to where their exact location is, but mainly that the vast majority of these listings are outdated and inaccurate. There is no comprehensive up-to-date listing of payphone locations anywhere.

Our approach here is different. We do not provide historic lists of payphone locations; other sites already do that. Instead, we only provide payphone information that is still relevant. We have far less information, but the information on our map is meaningful! Other sites are frustrating with hundreds of payphone listings that lead modern payphone seekers down endless wild goose chases. The map above shows exactly which payphones are usable and which are not, today, not 20 years ago.

Our disclaimer to users of this site is that the map above is not comprehensive, nor is it meant to be. There is no way we can track down every working payphone in America and map it. The payphones pinpointed here are largely ones we've personally encountered; as you can see, this tends to revolve around a few key cities and that's about it. However, if you do see some payphones on the map above in green, you can trust they are working and use them! If you'd like us to add a listing, see "Found A Payphone" below; we'd love to make this map more comprehensive!


Payphones continue to play a vital role in public telecommunications infrastructure. Although their numbers are down, and revenues have decreased, payphones continue to generate millions of dollars in revenue each year for payphone operators, which today are mainly COCOTs (customer-owned coin-operated telephones) rather than payphones owned by the phone companies. There are many reasons to use a payphone today — you may prefer the crisp, clear quality of a landline connection on the go, you don't wish to subject your brain to RF radiation from a mobile phone, or you don't care about generally radiating your brian but your battery has died or your connection has dropped. Mobile service, furthermore, is not available everywhere can be spotty or nonexistent in disasters and emergencies. When lives are on the line, access to payphones matters! For casual payphone users, however, this site can still be an indispensable resource.

Found A Payphone!

If you have recently confirmed a working payphone near you, please let us know about it! We ask that you provide its telephone number as well as a few pictures of it so we can properly catalog it. You can contact us by going to our main parent site → Contact. Thank you for helping our map become more comprehensive!

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Want to save payphones in New York City? Hate the new, stupid LinkNYC kiosks? Check out RethinkLinkNYC. Note that we do not share their primary goal of accessible wireless: we believe in actual accessible communications for all, which means traditional, hardwired payphones.